Over the last 10 years, researchers at CUBIC have been awarded over £10 million of grant funding from major funders such as ERC, BBSRC, ESRC, MRC, the Leverhulme Trust, the Academy of Medical Sciences, and more, to study links between brain and behaviour.

Active grants

There are several active grants at CUBIC. We outline a selection of these projects below.

A Computational Approach to Understanding Maladaptive Cognition in Depression (Dr. Sidarus, ESRC): This project aims to improve our understanding of the maladaptive cognitions driving depressive symptoms. To gain a more mechanistic understanding of the neurocognitive bases of (mal)adaptive cognition, Dr. Sidarus and collaborators will use computational models in combination with neuroimaging (find out more).

The subiculum: a key interface between scene representation and event memory? (Dr. Hodgetts, BBSRC): This project will use ultra-high-resolution imaging methods alongside naturalistic cognitive tasks (e.g., virtual reality) to explore how the human hippocampus forms representations of scenes and events. I will be collaborating with cognitive and computational neuroscientists at Cardiff University (Prof Andrew Lawrence, Prof John Aggleton), Swansea (Prof Jiaxiang Zhang), and Edinburgh (Prof Kim Graham) (find out more).

Reward and motivation mechanisms supporting language learning: a cross-syndrome investigation of developmental language disorder (DLD) and autism (Dr. Krishnan, MRC NIRG): The grant uses cutting-edge methods (new paradigms, computational models, and MRI) to understand the interplay between motivation and language learning in children with DLD and autism. Saloni is excited to be working with Dr. Kyle JasminDr. Pablo Ripollés, and Dr. Matt Apps on this project.

Previous funding