CUBIC’s mission

Human behaviour emerges from the complex interplay of different structures within the brain. This includes how we understand and produce language, make choices from many different options, recognise and act upon objects, and navigate the spatial and social world. 

A deeper understanding of the brain’s functional ‘toolkit’ is a key scientific priority as we aim to meet global challenges around human health, politics, and the environment. At the Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre (CUBIC), our ambition is to build an inclusive and multidisciplinary research environment that can meet these challenges head-on.

The close partnership between Royal Holloway, Brunel, Roehampton, and Surrey has given rise to a thriving imaging research community in areas including vision, decision-making, language, memory, social cognition, children’s cognitive development, and psychological disorders. As well as supporting the work of around 40 established research leaders, CUBIC is also home to an expanding and diverse group of early-career neuroscientists.

Research themes

Research at CUBIC focuses on the following four themes:

1. The Ecological Brain
2. Decision Making and Learning
3. Mental Health
4. Neural Changes over the Lifespan

Research culture

A deeper understanding of how the brain works cannot be achieved by individual researchers in isolation. At CUBIC, we are developing new ways of working that will allow new collaborations to be formed across laboratories, institutions, and disciplines. We are committed to engaging the public in our research, with a strong focus on empowering underrepresented groups and educating local communities. We are also strongly committed to conducting open, reproducible, and socially-responsible neuroscience.